Order Process

The simple process to order

Browse through our wide range medications and drugs that suit your need the best. Or interact with our professional experts online to get a personalized suggestion. Place an order, make payment, receive it and get started with your treatment.

The secure & confidential record

We understand your concerns and know that medial information is sensitive. Thus, put your safety and security first. The orders you make or information you share on painkillercart.com are purely confidential. You can access it via computer, tablet, or mobile phone at the comfort of your own space.

Delivery, refunds and returns

We send your orders in discreet packaging and hand over the parcel only after signatures. For safety reasons, we cannot allow medicines to be returned, once sold. However, you may receive full refund or replaced product whatever feasible, in case of unsatisfactory product experience.

Feedback, suggestion and complaints

You can share your feedback, give suggestions or register complaints ….(need more information on how is it possible)