How do I place an order?

You can place an order by clicking on the Shop Now button of the medication you want to purchase. Add it to your cart, fill in the required fields and select your delivery and payment option.        

Can I place my order over the phone?

You can place your order by signing in to our website. However, if you are struggling then please call us on (+1) 917 444 5449 and a member of our customer support team can help you with this process.

Where is my order?

After placing an order, you will receive a message in your account and your registered email address. Please log into your account to view this message which will contain details on the progress of your order.

How do I return my order?

Due to strict medical guidelines we are unable to accept any returns on medication that has left our possession. Further details can be found within our delivery, refunds and returns section.

How do I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel the order then give us a call on (+1) 917 444 5449, or drop us a message through your account.

Does anything get posted to my address?

We do not send anything to your address, only your medication which is provided by you.

What happens if my order is cancelled?

If your order gets cancelled it will automatically issue a full refund which can take up to 3-5 working days for the funds to clear back into your bank account.

Registration & Account

How do I change my personal details?

You can change your personal details by editing your account information. If you are unable to make the required changes then please contact our Customer Support Team on (+1) 917 444 5449 or drop a mail oninfo@painkillercart.com.

I cannot access my account?

If you are a registered for our service, you may wish to reset your password by clicking on ‘Forgot Password?’. However, if you are still experiencing problems logging in, then you can contact our Customer Support Team on (+1) 917 444 5449.


How do I contact you?

For all your queries should be you can call our professional experts on (+1) 917 444 5449 or send us an email on info@painkillercart.com.

How do I unsubscribe from your emails?

You will find an unsubscribe button at the bottom of our emails. Click on it to unsubscribe our emails.

What confirmations will I receive?

You will receive the confirmation of sign up first and then for successfully placing your order. You will also receive notifications and email requesting to you login your account and read the messages about the delivery.

I need general medical advice

You can reach our Customer Support Team for medical assistance and general advice. Call (+1) 917 444 5449 or send us an email on info@painkillercart.com.


What payment types do you accept?

We accept payment by Visa Electron, Debit or Credit Card and by Mastercard Debit or Credit card.

Why can’t I have a refund?

We are unable to accept any returns on medications that left our possession due to strict medical guidelines and policies. For further details read delivery, refunds and returns section on our website.

Can I have a refund?

We are unable to accept returns on medication that has left our possession. If you still think you are entitled to a refund, please contact our customer support team by sending them a message via your account.

When do you take payment?

Once you have selected your medication and chosen your delivery option you will then be redirected to our secure payment page. You will need to enter the information required before confirming you would like to proceed with placing your order

Can I change my billing address?

You can change your billing address in the personal details section of your account.

Are my payment details secure? Any information you provide during the payment stages is securely stored on our server. If you are concerned, more information can be found in our Privacy Policy.


How long will my delivery take?

The delivery time depends on the delivery option you choose. Our free standard delivery can take up to 4 working days and our express delivery service will arrive as per the estimated delivery dates shown on the delivery option page.

Is the packaging discreet?

All products are sent in plain, discreet packaging.